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if you want creative communications - you've come to the right place... We connect brands to audiences, users to experiences and people to you.
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The better you communicate with your audience, the better you'll do.
PR, branding, design, events and all sorts of clever online stuff...
We work out what you need, and deliver it.


Branding, logo design, web design, design for print, magazine design, interactive, large format design... you name it we can do it!

We know that's a bold statement but we really can!

Weather it's River Cottages new visual ID for their canteens and deli's (including hand painted signage and a full marketing suit) or a shiny new content managed website, Marketing for an event or  an interactive installation we will strive to create the tools that you need to see your organisation grow and prosper.

PR / Brand Communications

Media has exploded. It's 24/7 and everywhere, all the time - from global TV to the smart phone in your pocket.
Having the right media profile and presence therefore has never been more important.
Good PR isn't just a 'piece in the paper'. It's a constant conversation with your audience about who you are and what you are trying to say.
Onshore works with you to identify and shape your core values. We sketch out your key audiences and how they like to be communicated with. Then we create campaigns and stories that stand out and make a difference. Onshore has fantastic access to National, regional and local media.
So if you've got something to say - we can really say it.


As well as co-ordinating media coverage for clients Onshore also works with the talent behind the programmes, shaping careers; building reputations and overseeing sponsorship and appearance opportunities.
Amongst the well-known faces we work with regularly are TV personality Jan Leeming; Channel 4 Hungry Boy Thom Hunt; Blue Peter presenter Stuart Miles; Comedienne Helen Lederer; Singer Nicki French; and star of the Generation Game (and inspiration to the 'Spice Girls') Isla St. Clair.
Most successful has been the recent sponsorships of Paralympic sportsmen Mandip Sehmi and Steve Brown.  Sehmi signing a two year 5 figure deal with Cadbury and Brown with Sky.