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The Lost Gardens

of Heligan

National and regional PR

Heligan's not just a garden - it's a place in the soul...
When we first met Heligan the 'Nation's Favourite Garden' was slightly in danger of being forgotten again. We helped them re-define their core values: Lost. Rare. Precious. Beautiful.
Then careful co-ordination with National media reaffirmed the Gardens credentials: straight away The Independent ran with a full page on its groundbreaking
horticultural work; the Daily Telegraph producing a series of films cooking with produce from the gardens (including a recipe for squirrel); and the Daily Mail and others celebrating the growing of fresh pineapples.  A rare visitor, in the form of a Green Heron, captured national (and international) interest, allowing us to place the story on front pages and reach audiences of millions via social media (twitchers in San Francisco tweeted!)