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Quality Solicitors

National PR launch 

Quality Solicitors is one of the fastest growing legal services in the Country.
They approached us when they were moving from being an online brand, to Britain's biggest High Street legal services providers. More than 100 High Street solicitors were to re-brand under the QualitySolictors name and make going to the solicitors as easy as a trip to SpecSavers.
Onshore mobilised around a massive National and micro-regional PR campaign...
Not only did we make sure the term Tesco Law entered the National psyche - with protests in supermarket trolley appearing ourside the Royal Courts of Justice, we also made sure every new branch of Quality Solicitors had regional PR in their area - no small feat with well over 150 branches launching at one time!
Legal magazines were abuzz, as was The Times. And Amanda Holden and a raft of soap star celebrities, opened some of the new branches which attracted great mainstream coverage.